Monday, May 14, 2007

[Thoughts] Who are you all?

I get an e-mail once a week telling me how many people have visited, and at what times. On average I get ten hits a week, but very, very few comments.

Who are you all? Is it the same person visiting every day in the hope of there being something new here? Why do you never say anything? Do you come here by mistake...

Enquiring minds want to know.


At 6 June 2007 at 14:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm nobody in particular.

At 6 June 2007 at 19:43 , Blogger Pooky said...

Deep man, deep.

Although, you are the first person to visit the blog since I asked people who they were. Strange...

At 7 June 2007 at 07:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Well to answer your question properley, I probably am nobody in particular. I don't really seek out peoples blogs, but occasionally look at them if I happen to pass by. I think I might have been searching for something, I can't really remember, but I came across yours once and found it rather enjoyable, and you seem very pleasant. So I pop in from time to time to have a quick look.

Hope that answers your question.


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