Monday, September 18, 2006

[Poem] You've Said Worse

It made no sense to me
I never understood
How you brought yourself to be
A thing I never could

I look at things since passed
And still I cannot find
Where it was the die was cast
When fate had been so kind

Some may call me jealous
I think they may be right
I’d even say I’m callous
And think you are a shite


At 3 October 2006 at 18:49 , Blogger David Lee Stone said...

Haha! I REALLY like that one. I was lost in its delicate depths until the last line smacked me in the face like a wet kipper. :-)

At 3 October 2006 at 19:04 , Blogger Pooky said...

Great! Thanks, David. Sometimes you just gotta be petty :D


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