Monday, November 06, 2006

[Thoughts] The real world looms

And so the time when I leave education looms (again).

The last time this happened, I was more than happy to see where the world took me. But now I'm getting to that point where I'm supposed to be all grown up; I'm supposed to know where I'm going. To hell with supposed to! Where do I WANT to go?

I want to work for a book publisher. A publisher that publishes books I like. Not a publisher that publishes B2B books on drills or insoles. Well, when I say I want to work for... , I mean if I have to work, I'd work for... Lottery win is way up on my list of priorities.

The most important matter for me, when I finish college, is to leave my current job before I get stuck there until I'm 30. The very idea of being there this time next year, or even in six months, is enough to give me the shakes. Once I finish college, it's the only thing holding me where I am.

Who knows, I might even start to seriously start thinking about going public with some poetry, or at least letting a few more 'real life' people know about it. Another bridge to cross at some point in my not-so-restricted future.

So. Here's to just over two months of hard slog until I can do whatever the hell I like (even if, technically, doing my MA is what I like to!).