Thursday, April 02, 2009

[Thoughts] Daffodils

It's like they come out of nowhere, sneaking up on you from an otherwise unremarkable verge. No one tends them, but they must have been planted on purpose, and every year they fight their way through on the edges of busy roads, roundabouts, fields, gardens, everywhere. I see a bunch of them and I am in awe of their simplicity.

One day I will plant my own daffodils. I will try to forget where they are hidden so I get a pleasant surprise when they explode on my lawn. Maybe I will plant some under someone's lawn, spelling out words, or in a daffodil pattern, a daffodil of daffodils! Someday somewhere someone will be pondering the daffodils I have planted.

But, I think the question really is, where do they go when it isn't Spring?