Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[Poem] Unfinished

Cruel weather and harsh experiences
Took their toll on a vulnerable figure.
Where once was innocent laughter,
A block of ice and granite looms.
It is sculpted by rough touches,
And melted by warm words.
Time reveals its secret,
Removes the debris,
Exposes a core.
Deep within
Is found;

Thursday, May 25, 2006

[Poem] Inspiration II

Words hover over paper
Inspiration poised to strike
Stories wait to be written
But the tale is yet to end

[Poem] Inspiration

Ahead a faint glow beckons harshly
Behind the light is strong but fading
Constant hesitant footfalls echo
A lone shadow rushes softly by

It wraps itself in garments of life
Soaks in pleasures flooding the path
Gnaws on barriers raised by old grief
Fills up with treasures long since buried

The footprints left are joined by others
Traces of memories clutched tightly
Lamentations of destroyed passions
Impressions of lessons learnt slowly

Some things can no longer be carried
They crash or float to the stone cold ground
But they are found and borne by a guide
Who takes inspiration from their tales

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

[Poem] Never

I couldn’t believe when it happened
Never thought I would get you
Never imagined how you would be

I never thought I’d have to miss you

I couldn’t believe an end might come
Never thought you’d do so much for me
Never imagined any other way

I never saw how blind I was

I couldn’t believe it wasn’t right
Never thought I’d give up
Never imagined anything else

I never forget your expression

I couldn’t believe the ways I hurt
Never thought I’d be afraid of you
Never imagined I was so weak

I never used my head

I couldn’t believe you were so cold
Never thought I could feel so much
Never imagined how small I could be

I never managed to get through to you

I couldn’t believe I could be strong
Never thought I’d stop missing you
Never imagined things could get worse

I never stopped to think

I couldn’t believe how stupid I’d been
Never thought I’d forget so soon
Never imagined I’d let you back in

I never dreamt you’d make me hate you

[Poem] Crystal Heart

Secured with a seal of frozen tears,
A crystal heart hides in a heavy oak chest.
Restrained by passions of early years,
Soft beats of life endure a timorous quest.

[Poem] Secret Solitude

A silhouette in the doorway
Broken by flowing tears
Silence drowned by lonely grief
Seen by hidden eyes

A woken sleeper lies alone
Wrapped up in secret fears
Muffled sobs soak through pillows
Something inside dies

Two sets of tears
Tears all alone
Alone in the dark
Dark to the bone

A fragile heart weighs on sweet dreams
One final agony
She thought her secret died with her
Saved by her last breath

A final memory is forged
Deep inside of me
Dignity given by silence

Taken to my death



Tears fall

I keep your secret

At least I give you that

I should have given you more

Youth and age sharing solitude

I don’t think I even knew you

I’m sorry and I miss you

You beautiful



[Poem] Any Questions?

I was there to learn
And you made damn sure that I did
I remember everything.
What did you learn from me?

You weren’t my only teacher
But it’s you who comes to mind
When I think of all those years
The best ones of my life?

You stole parts of me
Held them out of my reach
I was too small to reclaim them.
Where do you keep them now?

I find the odd stray pieces
But the holes they left are frayed
The edges never match, never seal
Did I fail the test?

Do you still laugh about it
What you did to me?

Do you still get pleasure
From what you stole?

Do you even remember me?
Your unwilling student
You taught me lessons
I’m still trying to forget.

[Poem] I, You

I rest here
You sit there

I open my eyes to the dusk
You see the light fading fast

I bask in the warmth of the stars
You watch dust gather on the moon

I am shaded from the emptiness of the dark
You hide in the dark from the night in your heart

I watch and I learn and I imagine and I play and I laugh
You sit and you fear and you lock yourself away and I cry


Hello one and all. Welcome to this most exciting of adventures. A journey through one girl's brain (not in an Inner Space way). What will hopefully follow are some of my poems for your enjoymentification and/or ponderation.

Feedback of any kind is appreciated, unless you want to tell me that I suck... in which case please keep your opinions to yourself, dullard :D