Wednesday, May 16, 2007

[Poem] Sanctuary

I like it in here,
When the curtains are drawn,
Can’t see the darkness outside,
It’s cosy and warm

There’s only one door,
And only one lock,
I swallow the key,
Ignore every knock

The bed is inviting,
I’ve made it my own,
I don’t need to fill it,
Don’t care I’m alone

Within my four walls,
There’s quiet not noise,
My heart relishes peace,
Kept safe from the boys

Monday, May 14, 2007

[Thoughts] Who are you all?

I get an e-mail once a week telling me how many people have visited, and at what times. On average I get ten hits a week, but very, very few comments.

Who are you all? Is it the same person visiting every day in the hope of there being something new here? Why do you never say anything? Do you come here by mistake...

Enquiring minds want to know.